Thursday, 7 April 2016

By-election Preview: 7 April 2016

Three by-elections on 7th April 2016.  One covered on Scottish Elections, one on Welsh Elections, and one below:

East Riding of Yorkshire council
Caused by the death of Conservative councillor Stephen Lane at the age of 67.  A farmer for more than 30 years, Lane had been an East Riding councillor since 2007, and had served as vice-chairman of the western area planning, and environment and regeneration scrutiny committees.

George Street, Pocklington
The East Riding has some peculiarly large wards for such a generally rural area, and some rather wonderfully-named wards of which Pocklington Provincial is perhaps the most baroque.  Pocklington is a market town off the main road from York to Hull, lying at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.  Its greatest prosperity came in the early Middle Ages; the Domesday survey found it was the largest settlement in Yorkshire after York, and the town thrived as a trading centre for wool.  The Industrial Revolution passed the town by and Pocklington's economy is now based on agriculture (notably of rapeseed and sugar beet) and commuting to the major Yorkshire cities.  The ward itself contains six other parishes to the west and north-west of the town along the east bank of the Derwent, running as far as Stamford Bridge, a village on the Derwent known for the September 1066 battle in which King Harald Hardrada of Norway was killed and the Viking Age in Britain came to a end.

Since 2003 this sprawling ward has traditionally been a fight between the Conservatives and an independent slate which won two of the ward's three seats in 2003.  The independents lost their seats to the Tories in 2007 and gave up in 2015, when the Tories had 44% to 20% for the Labour slate and 19% for a single UKIP candidate.

Defending for the Conservatives is Paul West, a Pocklington town councillor who was Mayor of Pocklington in 2014-15.  Labour have gone for youth in selecting A-level student Lucie Spadone who, unusually for an S, is top of the ballot paper.  The UKIP candidate is Neil Tate who gives an address thirty miles away in Bridlington, and self-employed painter and decorator Andy Strangeway completes the ballot paper as an independent.

Parliamentary constituency: East Yorkshire

May 2015 result C 4542/4426/4118 Lab 2054/2040/1997 UKIP 2001 LD 1684
May 2011 result C 2228/2186/1933 East Yorks Ind 1698/1623/1356 Lab 940/766/678 LD 754
May 2007 result C 2243/2176/1916 Ind 1683/1243 LD 863/614 Lab 730/496
May 2003 result Ind 2261/2052/1171 C 1369/1123/1055 Lab 819 LD 542

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  1. Not sure what you mean by 'the Viking Age in Britain came to an end'. Ever heard of the Battle of Largs in 1263?