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By-election Preview: 5 February 2015

One by-election on 5th February 2014:

Derbyshire county council
Caused by the death of Labour councillor Walter Burrows at the age of 80.  A former miner who had been at work on the day of the Markham colliery disaster in 1973, Burrows had been a Labour party member for half a century and county councillor for Brimington since 1993.  He served as chairman of Derbyshire county council from 2005 to 2007.

Brimington Social Club
Just to the east of Chesterfield on the main road to Staveley, Brimington is a large village on a hill above the River Rother, with a history which is typical for northern industrial areas. Brimington boomed in the Victorian era following the arrival of the railways and the development of the local coalmining and ironworking industry.  However, Brimington was more of a residential village, with the coalmines and ironworks being concentrated in Staveley to the east and Sheepbridge to the north-west.  Now a satellite of Chesterfield, Brimington has expanded with housing estates in several directions, notably New Brimington to the north-east of the village centre; the county division also includes the village of Brimington Common to the south and Tapton, which is essentially an extension of Chesterfield over the River Rother, to the west.

Although boundary changes in 2013 confuse the issue slightly, the Brimington county division was and is a safe Labour area; at his final re-election in 2013 Burrows polled 69% of the vote, with the Tories finishing second on 11%.  In the last borough election in 2011 all of the two-and-a-half Chesterfield borough wards covering the division became safe Labour, although Brimington South, and Hollingwood and Inkersall (which includes New Brimington) were Lib Dem-held marginals until 2011.

Defending for Labour is Tricia Gilby, who is the only candidate to live in the division.  She is opposed by Lewis Preston for the Tories, John Ahern for the Lib Dems, independent candidate Mick Bagshaw (who was a Lib Dem borough councillor until 2011 and fought the division as a Lib Dem in 2009) and the division's first UKIP candidate, Paul Stone.

Parliamentary constituency: Chesterfield
Chesterfield borough council wards: Brimington North; Brimington South; Hollingwood and Inkersall (part)
ONS Travel to Work Area: Chesterfield
Postcode districts: S41, S43

John Ahern (LD)
Mick Bagshaw (Ind)
Tricia Gilby (Lab)
Lewis Preston (C)
Paul Stone (UKIP)

May 2013 result Lab 1857 C 301 LD 250 Ind 175 Ind 119

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