Thursday, 2 October 2014

Nick Griffin Expelled from BNP

Former BNP leader and MEP Nick Griffin has apparently been expelled from the British National Party.  He tweeted out the following last night:

His subsequent tweets have been rants against the party's new leadership and suggestions that Griffin will form a new breakaway far-right party of his own.

Nick Griffin was replaced as party leader back in July by Adam Walker, a former teacher banned from returning to the profession after admitting dangerous driving in an incident involving three schoolchildren (The Independent).  Griffin, having lost his European Parliament seat in North West England in May, and believed to be facing personal financial problems, was given the position of the party's "honorary president", but has now been accused of misusing that position to try and regain leadership of the party by spreading "disunity".

In 2010, Nick Griffin stood in the Barking constituency, securing the BNP's best result in the last general election of 14.8% of the vote.  It is not yet known if he had been planning to stand for the party in next year's general election, or what action he will take now.

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