Sunday, 27 July 2014

UKIP Candidate Defects to... "Blonde, curly hair, grey eyes"

Tracey Gough, who contested the Underhill ward of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council for UKIP in May, has been nominated for the Portland Town Council elections to be held on 14 August.

Gough will be standing in the Portland Tophill West ward, but instead of standing for UKIP has given the ballot paper description, "Blonde, curly hair, grey eyes".

It's not clear if this is a deliberate joke or a bit of a mix-up, but English Elections wishes the new Blonde, Curly Hair, Grey Eyes Party well in their future endeavours.

1 comment:

  1. Probably a mixup. It does happen occasionally (I'm currently looking at Monmouthshire whose 2008 election results feature a "Retired Teacher", while the 1997 general election had a candidate in a Cornish constituency with the description "Black Haired Medium Build Caucasian Male").

    The rules on descriptions parish council elections are less strict than in higher-level elections.