Thursday, 3 April 2014

Defection Watch: Wolverhampton Lib Dem Leader Joins UKIP

Cllr Malcolm Gwinnett
The leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Wolverhampton City Council has defected to UKIP.  Cllr Malcolm Gwinnett (Spring Vale ward) was first elected in 1990, and has previously served as the Mayor of Wolverhampton, but was de-selected apparently after requesting a delay in the reselection procedure to allow for him to wait to hear back the results of a medical examination, which the Lib Dems refused.

He also accused the Lib Dems of having become out of touch with local people on issues such as immigration and the High Speed 2 railway project.

Gwinnett becomes the first UKIP councillor in Wolverhampton, in a ward which has elected the council's only Lib Dems in the last few years.  By 2012, it had become fairly marginal with the Lib Dems holding by 48.4% to Labour's 40.1%.  There was no UKIP candidate in this ward in 2012, and Wolverhampton has generally been a weaker council area for them, compared to the likes of neighbouring Dudley.  Nevertheless, Gwinnett has said he plans to defend his seat as a UKIP candidate next month.

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