Sunday, 15 September 2013

Jeremy Clarkson for Doncaster North?

Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson has tweeted that he is apparently interested in contesting his home town seat of Doncaster North in 2015.  This is of course the seat of Labour leader Ed Miliband, and it seems Clarkson believes he could decapitate the opposition leader even as Ashcroft's latest marginal seat polls show that Labour are likely to win the next General Election.

There have been many humorous attempts to draft Clarkson to stand before, with a number of "Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister" groups on Facebook, one of which currently has 3,601 likes.  However, he had never previously expressed any apparent interest in standing until now.

Ed Miliband's seat is not particularly safe compared to former Labour leaders' seats such as Sedgefield or Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, with Ed only polling 47.3% of the vote in 2010 (though still a hefty 10,909 majority over the Tories as the opposition was widely split).  Doncaster also has a history of surprise victories for eclectic candidates, such as former English Democrats mayor Peter Davies.  One could also draw a comparison with Martin Bell, another BBC figurehead, who was elected as an independent in Tatton in 1997 - although this was with the withdrawal of the Labour and Lib Dem candidates in support.

Overall though, if Clarkson did stand, it would take a major upset for Miliband to be defeated.

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