Friday, 28 June 2013

By-Elections Results: 27 June 2013

On the busiest night electorally since the 2nd of May, Labour had the most to celebrate from gaining three seats off the Conservatives while holding the other they were defending.  The Conservatives managed to hold their other three seats while UKIP, despite strong showings everywhere, lost their Worcestershire seat to the localist Independent Community and Health Concern.  The full results are currently available on the English Elections homepage here.

The future of the Conservative Party in South Tyneside looks bleak after Labour gained a seat in Cleadon and East Boldon, their last real redoubt in the area.  The seat had been vacated by the death of UKIP Cllr David Potts who had originally been elected as a Conservative, and UKIP's relatively strong showing seems to have split the Conservative vote and allowed Labour to pull through - winning with a majority of just 92 over their Tory rivals.

Primrose ward meanwhile saw a significant dent in the Labour vote as UKIP picked up a strong second place showing from not having stood here previously.  The BNP, having long come a distant second in this ward, fell to third place but still managed to pretty comfortably beat the Tories down into fourth.

A fairly safe rural Conservative ward, they held easily here with a swing to them from Labour of 4.6%.

Another Conservative heartland - this one seeing a contested election for the first time since 2003.  Local parish council chairman Andrew McGilvray ran the Tories close as an independent candidate, but they still managed to hold on here with a majority of 70.

A very safe Conservative seat in the London commuter belt, though UKIP made solid progress with a 10.4% swing from the Conservatives.  One of the most predictable of yesterday's contests - although notable for the derisory vote for the National Front of a measly 3 votes, one of the lowest vote counts we've seen anywhere in some time.

Labour will be happy to see any gains coming in from the South East as vindication of their 'One Nation Labour' strategy, even though this sort of deprived inner-urban ward is one they should traditionally dominate.  Their gain however seemed to more result from UKIP again splitting the Conservative vote - the Labour vote share rising only little in comparison to UKIP's takings.

Another Labour gain, this time in a suburban ward in the South West.  Like Newtown, this was a traditional Labour area that went Conservative in the Brown years, and now looks to be trending back towards them with all three seats now red once again.

UKIP have had terrible luck in Worcestershire - winning two seats in May's county council elections only to have one resign under a cloud within days, and the other now having also passed away.  Health Concern narrowly regained the second seat here in a contest where the vote shares were largely static, leaving the council a UKIP-free zone once more.

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