Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Eastleigh Candidates Published

Eastleigh Borough Council have now released the full list of candidates for the parliamentary by-election to be held on 28 February.  It includes the major party candidates we already knew about, some well known by-election faces, and a handful of other minor parties.

The Lib Dems are fielding local council leader Michael Thornton to defend the seat.  Although former MP Christ Huhne left under a cloud, he will benefit from a strongly developed local organisation - in fact, the Lib Dems hold every single council seat within the constituency.

Maria Hutchings is standing again for the Conservatives, having stood in 2010 and fallen about 3,800 votes short against Huhne.  Comedian John O'Farrell has been chosen by Labour to stand as their candidate.  UKIP's candidate, hoping to emulate their recent good performances, is Diane James - a district councillor from Waverley.

Amongst the other candidates, Colin Bex is a perennial candidate across the South West of England for the Wessex Regionalists party.  He stood against David Cameron in Witney in 2010, polling 62 votes.  David Bishop is also a veteran candidate, standing for his Elvis Loves Pets party.  He most recently stood in the Corby by-election held last November.  The Official Monster Raving Loony Party is fielding their leader 'Howling Laud' Hope, who also contested a seat last November in Manchester Central.

Also standing is Jim Duggan for the Peace Party, who had a surprisingly decent result in the Middlesbrough by-election last year.  Ray Hall is standing for the never before seen "Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party".  Dr Iain MacLennan is standing for National Health Action, campaigning to protect the NHS - MacLennan himself is a former Green candidate in Eastleigh local elections.  Kevin Milburn is standing for the Christian Party, Daz Procter for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Michael Walters for the English Democrats, and Danny Stupple is standing as an independent candidate opposed to same sex marriage.

Full details and news coverage can be found on the Eastleigh by-election page on English Elections here.

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