Friday, 23 November 2012

Lib Dems Back In Shepway After Folkestone Win

The Lib Dems won a seat back on Shepway District Council in yesterday's Folkestone Park by-election.  They were wiped out on the council they formerly ran in the 2011 elections, but the return of former Folkestone Park Councillor Lynne Beaumont suggests a start of a reversal in their fortunes.

There was a very substantial 14.0% swing from the Conservatives to the Lib Dems.  This seems to be at least in part due to parking issues in Folkestone, which Beaumont featured prominently in her campaign.  She also seems to have a large personal vote, having won the largest Lib Dem vote in 2011, and being the only Lib Dem to survive in this ward after the 2007 election.  There was little movement in the results of the other party's candidates, with People First and Labour down just slightly with UKIP improving on their previous result and the Greens standing for the first time.

Shepway District Council is currently dominated by the Conservatives, who hold 43 out of the 46 seats.  Two are held by People First (a local independent group formed by former Lib Dems) and Beaumont becomes the third opposition member.  The Lib Dems had majority control between 2003 and 2004, but collapsed after the major split which created People First.

Full result.

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