Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lib Dem Goes Green in Malvern

The Green Party have reported that Cllr Clive Smith has joined them from the Liberal Democrats.  Smith is currently a councillor on both Worcestershire County Council (covering the Malvern Link division) and Malvern Hills District Council (Link ward), as well as being a member of Malvern Town Council.

In the last election for Malvern Hills, Link was a very closely fought split ward, electing two Conservatives and the Lib Dem Smith.  Smith won the most votes in the contest, significantly ahead of his fellow Lib Dem running mate.  The Greens' Julian Roskams was only six votes short of taking a seat at the expense of the Conservatives.  The county council division was contested in 2009, with Smith narrowly beating the Conservatives - in that contest the Greens came a distant fourth.

The defection gives the Greens their first ever councillor on Worcestershire County Council - a major local milestone for them.  Given their poor performance in the county division in 2009 however, it remains to be seen whether they can hold that seat past next May.  Smith's electoral history does however suggest he has a strong personal vote independent of party ties.  The Greens already had groups on Malvern Town Council and Malvern Hills District Council, and Smith's defection brings their total number to three on each of those bodies.

Worcestershire County Council
Lib Dems-1
Health Concern2-
Residents Association1-

Malvern Hills District Council
Lib Dems10-1

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