Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Introducing New Blogger Andrew Teale

On behalf of English Elections and its fellow sites, I would like to warmly welcome our new blogger, Andrew Teale.  

The webmaster and editor of the Local Elections Archive Project, Andrew Teale lives and works in Bolton.  He is an experienced and enthusiastic psephologist, and will be providing us with fascinating previews of upcoming by-elections across the UK each week.

Andrew has now been writing these previews for about two years, first for the Atlas Forum and more recently for the Britain Votes blog.  He enjoys writing and feels that writing the by-election previews improves his quiz knowledge of Great Britain.

His greatest passion is quiz; just back from the European Quiz Championships in Estonia, Andrew is currently ranked as 38th in the UK by the British Quiz Association, is a University Challenge quarter-finalist and has appeared on Mastermind.  His team has won a large number of quiz league titles in Bolton. 

Andrew is also a clarinettist with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Lancashire) band, an amateur military band based in Bury, and has played as part of the band at high-profile events in Canada and Belgium.  He does surprisingly little politics beyond being a fully paid-up member of the Electoral Reform Society and playing quiz out of a local Conservative club.

Andrew's first contribution will be published later this evening for tomorrow's by-election in Folkestone!


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