Thursday, 18 October 2012

Defections in Durham, Norfolk and Southampton

There have been a number of new defections in English local authorities in the past week.

On Durham County Council, Cllr Dennis Maddison has left the Labour Party to sit as an independent.  He was formerly a councillor on Easington District Council, before election on to the new Durham County unitary authority since its inception in 2009.  The Peterlee Star reports that Maddison felt his views were not being listened to by the Labour group on the council.

Durham County Council
Lib Dems21-

On Norfolk County Council, Cllr Graham Jones quit the Lib Dems, sitting as an "Independent Liberal Democrat" on the council instead.  As with many other Lib Dem defectors since 2010, Jones cited the coalition with the Conservatives as one of his reasons for leaving the party, as well as a loss of faith in party politics in general.  The Eastern Daily Press reported that the local Labour group have called on him to resign his seat and contest a by-election as an independent.

Norfolk County Council
Lib Dems9-1

Finally, two suspended Labour councillors on Southampton City Council (who were still registered members of the party), have formed their own group on the council, "Labour Councillors Against The Cuts".  Cllrs Don Thomas and Keith Morrell were suspended by Labour group whips for voting against budget cuts to a local swimming pool.  In turn, the Southern Daily Echo reports that they accuse the Labour group of passing on Coalition cuts, which they say they will oppose.

Southampton City Council
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