Sunday, 14 October 2012

By-Elections Summary: 11 October 2012

In two local contests held on Thursday, Labour gained a seat from the Liberal Democrats in the split Whitefoot ward in Lewisham, while local group Sutton on Sea First held the Sutton on Sea North ward in East Lindsey.

The Whitefoot by-election was triggered by the resignation of Lib Dem Cllr Pete Pattisson, who is moving to India to teach.  The three-member ward had produced a split result in 2010 with a Labour candidate topping the poll but Lib Dems taking the other two seats available.  Despite the national swing against the Lib Dems since 2010, their vote held up relatively well with a fall of just 6.3% on their top candidate previously.  The Labour vote remained virtually stationary with an increase of just 0.3%, with the biggest beneficiaries of the by-election being local socialist group Lewisham for People Not Profit who saw their vote share more than triple to 10.9%.  Full result.

In East Lindsey District, localist grouping Sutton on Sea First defended the Sutton on Sea North ward and also a parish council seat in the same area after their Cllr Andrew Ferryman stood down due to poor health.  The seat was very safely won by Sutton on Sea First in 2011, and held easily despite a 13.2% fall in their vote share this time, apparently mostly to an independent candidate who did not contest the ward previously.  Full result.

Next week there are four local by-elections taking place including contests in Boston and Brighton and Hove and a contest at both District and Kent County levels in Maidstone.

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