Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Defection Watch: Cllr Matthew James

Matthew James, Conservative Councillor for St. Mary's-with-Summercombe ward in Torbay, has explained on his blog why he has chosen not to renew his Conservative Party membership, instead becoming an Independent.

He cites the Government's austerity programme as a factor, saying that the Government is attempting to "balance the budget on the backs of the poor".  Specifically, he says that David Cameron's announcement earlier this week of plans to withdraw housing benefits for under 25s was his "final straw".

Cllr James' term ends in 2015, although he also notes in his blog that he may choose to stand down at that time.  The other Councillor for St. Mary's-with-Summercombe is Lib Dem Andrew Baldrey, also elected for the term 2011-15.

Torbay Council remains under Conservative control after the change, with a majority cut to 5 over all other parties.

Torbay Council
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